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What is numerology?

“Free numerology”, “My numerology”, “Free numerological analysis”… Every year, requests explode, and for good reason! If the ultimate goal of numerology were to be summarized, the following assertion would be self-evident: “to make the numbers speak”. Numerology, as the universal language of numbers, is used to break down the models of the universe into very distinct numbers in order to reveal relevant information concerning our immediate environment, but also the world as a whole. And everything goes: political and socio-economic trends, macroeconomic scenarios, environmental turbulence, etc. Beyond these general considerations, it is above all personal forecasts that are causing numerology to become popular today. By putting the spotlight on our destiny, numerological analysis offers us an invaluable present: that of being able to anticipate in order to be part of a proactive dynamic. Result: we are able to identify and seize opportunities. We are also warned of obstacles that may hinder the realization of our aspirations. Numerology also advises us on the most favourable moments to take risks, to invest, to take the initiative, then on the periods when it will be a question of delaying to avoid off-piste. More than just data, the numbers in the universe are true scouts who, when analyzed, maximize our chances of achieving our life goal. Why deprive yourself?

The astral theme: going beyond the narrow vision of the horoscope

Since the women’s magazines sniffed out the general public’s enthusiasm for astrology, the editors have engaged in a process of popularization in all directions to simplify, to the extreme, the movement of the planets. The horoscope, in its popular acceptance and as found in the general press, gives a more or less relevant overview of a day, a week, a month or even a year based on two predefined variables: the astrological sign (and thus the date of birth) and planetary positions. Contrary to what purists may think, the horoscope in the popular sense does not necessarily give erroneous information. Of course, they are infinitely partial, but not necessarily false. It should be noted, however, that all people born under the same astrological sign are gathered in the same bag with horoscopes: they are diagnosed with the same problems, concerns and concerns. By construction, they are given the same advice, recommendations and warnings. Do the natives of the same astrological sign ALL have the same experience and the same destiny? No, of course not. And fortunately.

In reality, the horoscope is only the first step of the astrology staircase. To appreciate its destiny in a more global and inclusive vision, it is the astral theme that must be analyzed. Also known as the astrological theme or natal chart, it is calculated from numerous data relating to the position of planets according to ephemerides, domification, the layout of major and minor aspects, Orbes, etc.. The calculation of the astral theme makes it possible to draw relevant and precise conclusions on many facets of our existence, from sentimental life to professional career via finance, health and spirituality. Calculate your ast themeral for free and improve your quality of life!

Numerology and love compatibility

Beyond the forecasts that it allows on the professional future, health, the portfolio or spirituality, numerology allows to put the light on one of the most mysterious facets of our existence: the sentimental life. By analyzing the ins and outs that underlie interpersonal relationships, whether family, friendly or romantic, numbers guide us to make the right decisions. Estimating love compatibility is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications of numerology. In order to decide on the chances of two people having happy days, numerology is based on a certain number of criteria:

The first name: given crucial for numerology in its pythagorean form, the first name is mobilized in the search for the meaning of vibrations. Numerology assigns a numerical value to each letter to appreciate its hidden meanings. Each position has a particular meaning and provides specific information about the personality, temperament and destiny of each person. Thus, by analysing the cornerstone (first letter of the first name), the apogee (last letter of the first name) as well as the first vowel, numerology is able to deliver its verdict on the chances of living a merging and lasting love..;

The astrological sign: it is a true open book about our character, our way of thinking, our aspirations, our worries and our deepest desires. To make the astrological sign speak and decide on love compatibility, astrology breaks down the astrological signs into 4 different groups, each corresponding to an element of nature water, earth, fire and air ;

Numerology is also able to estimate love accounting between two people based on date of birth, path of life or personal year.

Numerology calculation: the importance of life path and personal years

Through their vibrations, numbers evoke in us actions, reactions, feelings and thoughts that punctuate our daily lives… for better or for worse! A new address? A new uniform? A new phone number? All significant numerological changes affect our energy, with more or less visible repercussions. The transition from one year to another is part of these regular changes that cause vibratory changes. This is called the personal year. It is a bit like the annual weather report applied to sentimental life, professional careers, health, finances or interpersonal relations. The calculation of the personal year is based on the date of birth (day and month only) and the current year. By adding these three data according to the numerological principle (add the thousands, hundreds, tens and units to arrive at a single digit), you will obtain a personal year between 1 and 9. In the 9-year cycle, each personal year occupies a particular position and will result in specific events. Being aware of your personal year means approaching each new year with the best dispositions!

On the other hand, the path of life holds a preponderant place in the numerological calculation Unlike the personal year which changes each year, the path of life is a fundamental, immutable and definitive data. It is based on a constant data: your date of birth. For numerologists, the path of life simply corresponds to our path of destiny. The Pythagorean system, the simplest and most widespread, calculates the path of life by adding separately each digit of each of the elements that make up your date of birth (day, month and year). Unlike the calculation of the personal year, some two-digit numbers are not reduced: 11, 22 and 33, i.e. the Master Numbers.

Numerological forecasts: to attack your year with less uncertainty

Numerology is able to give you a global overview of professional opportunities, romantic or friendly meetings, health adventures, the evolution of your finances, your state of mind or the progress of your projects for the coming year. Once you have tested the power of numbers to drastically reduce the weight of uncertainty, disabling and castrating, you will find it hard to do without! Numerology predicts action, not reaction. Numerological analysis is round and deciphers the near future and comes to your rescue in many ways. It should be noted, however, that the forecasts that are The fact that a numberological reflection is not an exact science. These are global trends, clues, more or less subtle signs that you will have to grasp, interpret and exploit. You are the captain of your own ship: YOU and only you are capable of guiding it to calm and prosperous waters. In addition to what numerology has to teach you about the years to come, it is also relevant to look back. My old numerological forecasts allow us to put ourselves in context in order to better understand the scope of certain past events that may possibly explain the present or the future.

Numerology, the science of numbers and divinatory art, is finally only another manifestation of the ultimate and unshakable will of Man who works for the understanding of the world around him, of his interactions with others, of his personal earthly but also spiritual journey.

“Numbers rule the universe, they are the expression of the knowledge of all things”, Pythagoras

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