The First Name Compatibility

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What does your first name mean?

Numerology of first names is concerned with the vibrations that emerge from the numbers corresponding to each letter. A good combination will promote success, fulfillment but also love. Destiny depends in part on decoding your first name. In Pythagorean numerology, each letter corresponds to a number. Also, the position of each letter in your first name gives it a particular degree of influence and therefore a given numerological meaning. How to exploit the information taken from the letters of your two first names to estimate your compatibility in love?

The sensitive positions of your first name

Rather than explaining the mathematical combinations that can be found in a first name, we will first explain the meaning of the positions of each letter. It is one of the most important factors in numerology of compatibility: it allows to measure the attraction as well as the agreement between two people.

The cornerstone

Better known by its English name among specialists in numerology (“Cornerstone”), but also clairvoyants and other aficionados of divination, the cornerstone refers to the first letter of your first name. It gives an overview of your personality and character. Particularly eloquent and rich in meaning, the cornerstone makes it possible to draw up a generic picture with two columns: the first for the typology of opportunities and other help of destiny which it will be a question of seizing, the second for the typology of obstacles and threats which you will have to circumvent to reach your objective of life. A comparative analysis of the cornerstone of two first names will make it possible to decide on the chances of a mutual attraction between two people. It is a pillar in the calculation of numerological love compatibility.

The apogee or the final stone

Also known as the “climax” or “Capstone”, the final stone refers to the last letter of your first name. In numerology, it demonstrates your ability to carry out your various projects to their final conclusion. This is called the finishing number. The cornerstone and the capstone frame your name and that of your spouse. These two parameters allow you to decide on your chances of attraction and romantic understanding. The analysis of these two letters on two different first names will make it possible in particular to bring together the expectations of each in terms of long-term commitment.

The first vowel

Now let’s look at my first vowel of your first name. It is here that you can draw some conclusions about what is most important to you, your ultimate goals, desires and deepest dreams. The first vowel of your first name is considered by numerologists as a powerful indicator of the purposes that we love. This is the letter of life’s purpose. The first vowel in your first name tells you about a facet of your personality that only your closest friends and family can see. It is a wide open window on your soul and your deepest being. In terms of love compatibility, two first matching vowels between two people will indicate a potential soulmate scenario.

In short, the first letter of your first name, its first vowel then its final letter are the tools you will need to decipher its meaning. By making a comparative analysis between two first names, you will be able to draw rich conclusions about your love compatibility. It is also the operating mode of applications and other software that propose to calculate the love compatibility between two people based solely on their first names. The cross analysis of these three parameters makes it possible to estimate the attraction, the understanding and the chances of perpetuating a possible love relationship.

The meanings of certain letters of the alphabet

To be able to decide on the love compatibility between two people based on their two first names, you must of course master the three sensitive positions of the first name (cornerstone, first vowel and final stone) but also master the meaning of each letter of the alphabet. This is what we propose in this section. To better understand the path that leads you to the estimation of love compatibility, here is the meaning of the most common letters. You can also read our article on first names and signs compatibility to learn more.

The meaning of the letter “A” in your two first names

You’re both ambitious and open-minded. You resist pressure and you are natural leaders. You are courageous and receptive to others’ ideas. The more “A “s in your two first names, the more you will move towards a race for competition and performance. Conflict relationship in perspective…

The meaning of the letter “B” in your two first names

The “B” is the letter of introversion and hypersensitivity. You are compassionate and empathetic. At peace with others, you are loyal without falling into emotional dependence. B” and “A” are complementary and synergistic. Two “Bs” can alsoto aspire to happy days.

The meaning of the letter “C” in your two first names

Lucky and endowed with a particularly sharp instinct on the emotional level, you are frank and honest, which sometimes causes you annoyances. Two “C’s” could fall into overbidding and permanent conflict.

The meaning of the letter “D” in your two first names

You are pragmatic and methodical. You have implemented brain algorithms that allow you to judge your opportunities and threats in real time. You are determined, obstinate at times. Two “D’s” will get along perfectly: they perceive the world under the same Cartesian prism.

The meaning of the letter “E” in your two first names

Sensual, passionate and devoted, you believe in the purity of feelings in love. The more “E” you have in your two first names, the more likely you are to have a romantic adventure worthy of a romance novel. Two first names with two “E’s” as cornerstones augur well for a fusional relationship.

The meaning of the letter “L” in your two first names

You are heady and tend to overthink. Generous, benevolent and voluntarist, you sometimes sin by excess of perfectionism, which explains your almost permanent anxiety. Two “L’s” will be able to aspire to a beautiful amorous adventure, as long as they justify a great mutual trust to be able to reassure each other in times of doubt.

The meaning of the letter “M” in your two first names

You’re a hangman of effort and work well done. You don’t need much sleep and yet you are constantly healthy. There will come a time when you will aspire to a comfortable and stable home and a comfortable financial situation to feel safe. The “M’s” have two phases of life. The first, party girl, makes them compatible with the “L” and the “C”. The second, homemade, makes them compatible with the other “C’s”.

The meaning of the letter “R” in your two first names

You’re intense! You tend to amplify your feelings and feelings. You have a great work ethic and you make it a point of honour to do everything you do well. You prefer to do things alone even when you need help. The “R’s” are poorly compatible with each other. They will get along better with the “Cs” and “Ms” in their home phase.

The meaning of the letter “S” in your two first names

The “S” is a charmer of first class. Warm and loving, he feels things deeply, which sometimes leads him to overreact. His emotional life is volatile, marked by emotional ups and downs. A dominance with the letter “S” in two first names indicates a fusional relationship which will however be punctuated by many twists.

The meaning of the letter “T” in your two first names

The “T” sometimes forgets to release the accelerator pedal. In constant search of new projects, the “T” will seek by all means to keep his feelings under control without ever letting go. The “T’s” attract each other but will take time to take the first step.

The meaning of the letter “U” in your two first names

The life of the “U” is punctuated by compromise. Balance is her way of life. Rarely in conflict, he is not the type to brag during success, nor to complain about his failures. Two “U’s” will get along perfectly because they are predisposed to make mutual concessions.

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