Compatibility Of First Names And Signs

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Compatibility Of First Names And Signs

Change of love, professional rebound, life opportunities, decisive encounter, financial difficulties, blues, questioning … our existence is punctuated by events that follow one another, conditioned by our behavior in the face of a turbulent environment that keeps sending us more or less perceptible signals. Numerology, as a hybrid discipline that combines mathematical rigor in its strictest sense with the greatness of man’s spirituality, endeavors to make the dynamics of existence explicit by relying on factual and others that relate to feeling and intuition. To understand his destiny and improve his receptivity to stimuli his environment, each individual will have to be interested in the different components of his identity: first name, date of birth, astrological sign, descent and ancestry, etc. He can also estimate his mutual attraction with the people he meets by looking at the compatibility of first names and signs. As we discussed in our file on the compatibility of astrological signs, the numerologists proceed to a rapprochement between the Asian (Chinese) and Western systems to estimate the compatibility of love between two people. This work of analysis is rich in teaching: it will allow everyone to get an idea about the likelihood of seeing his romantic relationship lead to a more or less permanent idyll.

General information on the compatibility of first names and signs

The compatibility of first names and signs is probably the most eloquent combination of numerology applied to interpersonal relations. It allows us to estimate the mutual attraction between two individuals based on the numbers derived from their respective first names on one side, then on the nature of the relationship between their signs of the zodiac in their Western or Asian acceptance. Remember that astrology breaks down the 12 signs of the zodiac (Chinese or Western) into four groups that correspond to the elements of nature. Generally, two signs of the zodiac that belong to the same group indicate a strong attraction between two individuals, which increases the probability of a lasting and harmonious romantic relationship. On the other hand, certain combinations augur enormous difficulties to get along, as when a sign belonging to the group of the element “water” (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) meets another coming from the group of the element “fire” (Aries, Lion, Sagittarius). The compatibility of first names is based on the analysis of the so-called sensitive positions of the first name: the cornerstone or Cornerstone (first letter of the first name), the apogee or Capstone (final letter of the first name) and the first vowel. Each of these letters highlights a particular aspect of the individual’s personality and thus contributes to the assessment of his compatibility in love with his spouse. The first name and sign compatibility therefore acts in synergy to refine the results and limit the risks of error.

Love compatibility by first name and sign for a merging couple

The analysis of love compatibility allows us to answer many questions that we may have to ask ourselves on a daily basis:

  • What is the astrological sign of my ideal companion?
  • Are our first names compatible?
  • What is my spouse’s love profile?
  • What do our first names and astrological signs say about our relationship?
  • What difficulties may my couple encounter? How to overcome them?
  • How likely is it that my relationship will last over time?
  • With which astrological signs do I hear myself best? and the least?
  • What are the names that are most compatible with mine?

The analysis of love compatibility based on first names and the astrological sign can indeed provide interesting answers to crucial questions related to the sentimental life of each. It delivers teachings on the tone of the couple by emphasizing the main tendencies of an idyll, the aspirations of each one, the potentially conflicting points, the elements of rapprochement or the divergences of interest. The analysis of the love compatibility by first name and astrological sign will also give you the key to durability: it will tell you if you are a couple who aspire rather to freedom and the maintenance of the famous “secret garden”, or if on the contrary you are a fusional couple who prefers to live “stuck-tight”. The analysis of your romantic compatibility is therefore a measure of anticipation that helps you to act in the interests of your couple. It is also a relevant indicator that will guide you in case you doubt the attraction you have on a particular person. It’s kind of a tool that helps you probe other people’s feelings if you’re considering taking the first step. In the sphere of interpersonal relationships, the different teachings of numerology and other methods of divination should be seen as data to help you in decision-making. It is always more prudent and relevant to have all the information before deciding, especially when it comes to an initiative that commits you over the long term.

The compatibility in love via the first name and the sign to carry out its way of life successfully

The path of life is a key element in numerology. We insist here on the word “given”, since the path of life is an immutable and definitive number. Each individual has one and only one who will accompany him throughout his life, with however more or less important variations according to the current year that we call “personal year”. Each life path presents opportunities, threats, opportunities to be seized, moments to keep a low profile and of course a supreme life objective that will largely condition the individual’s personality and behaviour. All life paths attach particular importance to sentimental life, and the estimation of love compatibility by first name and sign will therefore contribute to maximizing your chances of achieving your life goal and finding happiness. In the end, you will have to make your numerological table by crossing the data from the following analyses:

    • Quantified analysis of your first name ;
    • Lessons learned from your astrological sign (group to which you belong, element of nature that corresponds to your sign) ;
    • Lessons learned from your life journey, taking care to highlight what are called “master numbers;
    • Lessons learned from your personal year (from your date of birth and the current year).

After you’ve learned as much as you can about your destiny, follow the same path, but this time mobilize data about your spouse or the person you want to connect with. A simple comparative analysis will allow you to identify the strong points of convergence, the points of reversible divergences then the conflicting elements which it will be difficult to remedy.

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