How to calculate your natal chart

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The many applications of the astral theme ?

The astral theme, sometimes called natal chart, is the basis of all astrological study. Its uses are numerous insofar as it contains a great deal of relevant information about our existence: the major trends in our personality, our potential for success, our favourite fields, our fears, our aspirations, etc. The astral theme also provides information about each person’s predispositions in the different areas of life, from love to money, from professional careers to spirituality. Astrologers generally advise not to over-anticipate the future at the risk of preventing the “magic of the moment” from operating. Indeed, by translating the influence of the planets, the astral theme is a true open book on our destiny. Its applications are numerous, here is an overview!

1 The astral theme applied to love relationships

Emotional problems, relationship complications, social phobias and repeated love failures can affect everyone’s confidence and quality of life. To remedy this complicated situation, the astrologer will study Venus’ position in the astral chart to explain the person’s way of loving and its possible emotional blockages. For example, people born with a Venus – Neptune conjunction often show a certain naiveté in love: they idealize their spouse, give him blind trust and identify very difficult problem situations (profit, sadism).

2 The astral theme applied to professional problems

People who wish to change jobs, who hesitate to embark on the great bath of entrepreneurship or who drag their feet on the job market can learn a few lessons from their astral theme. The astrologer can indeed evaluate the transits, make the connection with your life path and your personal year to give you advice as to the best time to act. Astrology will help you maximize your chances to promote a career worthy of your ambitions.

3 The astral theme applied to personal problems

Mood disorders? Trouble concentrating? Sleep problems? Somatizations? Astrology, coupled of course with medical follow-up, can help you to identify the causes of your evil to act in a targeted and effective way.

How to calculate your Astral Theme?

The astral theme lists the position of the planets in the sky at a very precise moment: that of your birth. More concretely, the astral theme corresponds to a detailed photograph of the sky at the moment you were born. The position of each planet will enlighten you on a facet of yourself. For example, the position of the planet Mars in the sky conditions your way of loving. How is the astral theme calculated? You will need the date, time and place of your birth. This will allow you to make an evaluation of your personality, but also to make some predictions. Different elements are taken into consideration during the analysis: your sign, the ten planets, the 12 Solar Houses (including the Ascendant), the transits, etc.

The more you have to provide, the more accurate your results will be. To calculate the sky chart for the day of your birth, the astrologer will proceed as follows:

Plus vous avez d’éléments à fournir, plus vous aboutirez à des résultats précis. Pour calculer la carte du ciel du jour de votre naissance, l’astrologue procédera de la manière suivante :

  • He will have a blank card;
  • He will note your date of birth and, if possible, the exact time. If you do not have this information, go to the town hall;
  • It will ask you the exact geographical coordinates of your birthplace (Google Maps does it very easily);
  • He will calculate the domification (probably according to the Placidus method). This consists in positioning the Houses via the calculation of sidereal time;
  • It will calculate the position of the planets according to the ephemerides;
  • He will proceed to the drawing of the aspects (major and minor);
  • He will evaluate the importance of the Orbes. It is the influence of one planet on another;
  • He will tell you all the secrets of your destiny.

The horoscope: a partial astral theme

The horoscope is based on a much easier methodology. This does not mean that he presents false results… they are just partial and incomplete. Indeed, the horoscope only takes into account the astrological sign, i.e. the exact place where the sun was when you were born. The horoscope also takes into account the current position of the planets in relation to your astrological sign. Unlike the astral chart, the horoscope completely omits the position of the other 9 planets at the time of your birth. This data is however capital: it points the astrologer and allows him to see the astrologer.We deliver a 360° vision on your existence. For this reason, the horoscope can deliver biased results, whether positive or negative. Feel free to supplement your horoscope teachings with the astral chart on a frequent basis. This is the best way to identify the energies present at a given moment and to act accordingly.

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