Theme 2015

Astral Year 2015

A glance at the 2015 horoscope drawn up on January 1st at midnight makes it easy to isolate the conflicting planetary aspects which remain, this year again, quite numerous. Indeed, the square formed by Uranus and Pluto remains as marked, and this since 2012. In astrology, these two planets are synonymous with major upheavals, positive or negative. It is estimated that this square will be the most marked on 17 March 2015, thereby signalling the need for radical reform. The very particular position of the planet Mars will also exacerbate these disturbances. You will have understood it, we propose you today the free astral theme of the year 2015 !

Saturn’s threatening transition

A little historical anecdote: the initial natal chart of the foundation of the French Republic used the same cartography: dramatic planetary aspects between Mars, Uranus and Pluto. The astral theme of the 5th Republic is also comparable. On the macroeconomic front, we are entitled to expect the economic situation, deficits, unemployment and purchasing power to worsen. This blackboard will however be relatively illuminated by a beautiful trigone which will be drawn between March and June 2015, fruit of the movements of Jupiter and Uranus. At this moment, we should witness a lull, unfortunately ephemeral.

We will also witness a transition of Saturn that enters into the sign of Sagittarius. This movement from the troubled sign of Scorpio to the progressive sign of Sagittarius is good news: it indicates that political and economic problems will be approached differently, with more will, courage and self-denial in order to improve human living conditions. Saturn’s transition is an important event of this year 2015. Several astrologers indicate that the planet will be in its “afflicted” form. This qualifier designates unfavorable planetary interactions, which gives Saturn a dissonant form that will prevent it from positively influencing the course of things. The threatening and destabilizing aspects of Saturn will suffice to mask the few puffs of oxygen induced by the constructive aspects of slow planets like Uranus-Jupiter. To sum up, the only positive point of this year on the planetary level remains Saturn’s distance from the troubled waters of Scorpio.

Saturn – Neptune and collective revolutions

In 2015, Mercury will downshift three times in air sign, rare enough to be highlighted. The communication star will occupy an air sign from the beginning to the end of each of its demotions. Astrologers deliver two probable scenarios:

Dialogue, exchange, communication and understanding will be vital needs in 2015;

The continuing misunderstandings draw their “strength” from lack of understanding, misinformation, intolerance, propaganda.

The last Uranus-Pluton square, which will therefore take place in March 2015, should challenge the dominant plutocratic economic model (Pluto) by the rise of new technologies (Uranus). Result: we will see a weakening of the ideals of the current economic model with a timid but real incorporation of notions of fair trade, sustainable economy, etc. Uranus, in Aries, will once again amplify the hegemony of NICTs, especially social networks. The Pluto square highlights the extent of financial scandals, the dominance of a few powerful, espionage, the use of personal data for unethical purposes. Historically, the Saturn/Neptune cycle is linked to leftist ideas and collective revolutions, notably on the side of Eastern Europe:

Saturn – Neptune conjunction of 1917: Russian Revolution ;

Saturn – Neptune conjunction of 1953: death of Stalin ;

Saturn – Neptune conjunction of 1989: fall of the Berlin Wall.

2015: the year of questioning

The year 2015, a year “8”, will also be a year of questioning and change. Its vibrations accentuate both success and failure. Risk taking must not be excessive. Otherwise, you will engage in an off-piste that will not be without consequences for the rest of the events. Losses, disappointments, accidents… 2015 will not be tender with some. Renowned karmic, it will prolong the professional and emotional whirlwinds of the last 4 years. It will complicate life for those who do not assume their responsibilities.responsibilities.

The exercise of power will become particularly complicated. Managers and other managers will have to mobilize their sense of diplomacy and interpersonal skills to overcome stormy conflicts that sometimes go back a very long time. You will most certainly have to juggle two extremes on the sentimental level: the quasi-fusional attachment and the temptations of separation. Your health will be fragile, so don’t abuse your body. This is no time to challenge him.