Theme 2017

Astral Theme 2017

In 2017, we will all have the opportunity to improve our lives. All we get will invite us to introspection. The opportunity for us to offer you a free horoscope theme of the year 2017, a year “1” that holds many surprises!


The signs of water: cascading awareness in 2017

The signs of the astrological group of water, namely Cancer, Scorpio and the sign of Pisces, will have to face a series of trials during this year rich in twists and turns, especially on the esoteric and spiritual level. Those who are native to one of the signs of the element “water” will have to open themselves to mysticism and improve their receptivity to spiritual phenomena that will inform them about their destiny. It is the best way to move towards understanding, awareness and knowledge and then to get a little closer, each day, to their life goal. Whatever your astrological sign, your life path and your personal year, the year 2017 will be characterized by cascading realizations: as your consciousness evolves, your responsibilities will increase, with new altruistic concerns.

The signs of the air: a beautiful love epic in perspective in 2017

Some astrological profiles will experience a serene and fulfilling romantic life in 2017. This is particularly the case of the signs of the element “air”, namely Gemini, the sign of Libra and the sign Aquarius. The situations will of course vary according to the natives, but the conditions favourable to a beautiful amorous epic are there. Indeed, the sphere of interpersonal relations, whether friendly or loving, will be the most favoured in 2017 for the natives of the signs of the “air” element. However, cheating, adultery or insincerity can disrupt this rather fragile balance. The harmony that reigns in the couple of the natives of the signs of the air is nourished by romanticism, gentleness, affection and honesty. For those who come out of a delicate love break-up, the challenge will be not to sink into depression, to keep morale and especially to remain in control of their lives. You will obviously have better luck in the very near future.

The Signs of the Earth: Life Continues in 2017

The natives of the signs of the “Earth” element, namely Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, will not experience any shocking events in 2017. Indeed, life will follow its normal course, with its ups and downs, but especially its routine and linearity. If, like the others, they will suffer some more or less important stellar influences, the natives of the signs of the Earth will not be as upset as the other signs of the zodiac. The sustained and continuous dynamics caused by Mercury will have a very limited impact on the signs of the Earth. The latter will thus have a rather quiet year where nothing revolutionary should happen on the terrestrial level. However, they will have to work for a better spiritual activity to bring elements of answer to the flood of existential questions which submerges them in the moments of quietude.

The year 2017 for all signs of the zodiac

To approach this year in the best dispositions, the natives of each sign of the zodiac will have to apply these few advices:

  • Aries: he will have to detoxify his body to prevent chronic ailments. Meditation, sport and “conscious silence” will help him appreciate the present moment;
  • Taurus: he must keep in mind that the present feeling is not eternal, and that misfortune and joy do not last forever. The feeling is movement, the movement is fleeting;
  • Gemini: the control of emotions is on the agenda. A small inner voice, conscious, will help you to get rid of your old reflexes which complicate your life;
  • Cancer: it will be a question of ceasing to seek the hidden meaning of things… a fortiori when there is none. Cancer is an emotional contemplative, and he will have the opportunity to realize it many times in 2017 ;
  • The Lion: it is in love with the mediatization which loves to climb on the platform. Jupiter will satisfy his desires for fame, but Saturn will remind him that it is better to remain himself than to play a role..;
  • The Virgin: the Virgin’s perfectionism begins to play tricks on her. His absolute thirst for performance will have to be controlled, at the risk of sinking into disabling mood disorders ;
  • Libra: his artistic and abstract vision of the world will help him to evolve serenely. Be careful, however, to disconnect from reality and lose your sense of responsibility;
  • Scorpio: his apparatushis insurance hides his social discomfort. From January, he will have to take his place in a group and forget his frantic quest for recognition;
  • Sagittarius: more tact, more pedagogy and sincerity. This will help you unite your family and friends around a common goal;
  • Capricorn: it is the year of the revolution. New look, new ideas, new ambitions. Capricorn will have fun in 2017!
  • Aquarius: he must take a step back to have a 180° vision on the many options available to him in this decisive year ;
  • The sign Pisces: watch out for somatization. He will have to learn to temper his feelings to relieve his body and mind. Hypnosis can help in this sense.