My Numerological Forecasts, 2013 to 2018

Numerological Forecasts, 2013-2018

2013: the year of a fragile balance

Awareness, responsibility, pragmatism and a down-to-earth spirit. This is what will characterize you in 2013. This year, 6 in numerology, will be placed under the sign of the balance between duties and pleasures, between material requirements and fanciful desires. The six-pointed star and hexagon are articulated around two symmetrical triangles on a horizontal axis. The year tends towards balance, but a fragile balance that can falter at any moment. Numerology foresees a year that “rolls mechanics” for the luckiest, and a shaky, volatile and irregular year for the others. What does numerology foresee in 2013?

2014: 12 months to recharge batteries

It’s time to take a little height to get the head out of the handlebars. 2014 is a year 7. As a result, it is subjected to vibrations that favour interiorization, solitude and introversion, in contrast to the bubbling activity of years 5 and 6. You have before you 12 months of general slowdown that will be life-saving for weak or exhausted organizations. The numerologists compare the year 7 to the 7th day of creation, a Sunday therefore, symbolizing the day of rest on the material plane. Take the opportunity to step back and make the necessary adjustments to complete the nine-year cycle in the best possible conditions. Discover what numerology predicts for 2014!

2015: the year of harvest

2015, a year 8, will be the year of concrete results expected or hoped for. It is finally the moment to take advantage of your knowledge, your assets, your wisdom, to reap the fruits. The challenge will be to control his impatience. Project ideas will come up, but not all of them are feasible. Don’t give in to the easy and take the risk of missing out on a year of results. 2015 will be a year of positive pressure, especially for people living in the second third of their cycle. The first quarter will bring concrete improvements and important contacts. This is not the time to lose motivation at the risk of missing something big. Read more about our article “Numerology 2015”.

2016 : time for assessment

Those who found it more and more difficult to flourish in this cycle will be happy to see it go away. 2016, a year 9, seals the end of this cycle which will definitely have spared you nothing! In 2016, you will pass through a kaleidoscope of emotions. This year will shake up your personality and encourage you, willy-nilly, to take stock of the last 8 years. The past will resurface with strength. You will have to face the feared phase of the balance sheet. In any case, it is a necessary step to make peace with yourself and to approach the new cycle in the best possible way. 2016 is ultimately only a transition between the past and the near future. Those who manage to clean up the mess to liquidate what’s left will get away with the honors! Find out what’s in store for you by reading our article on 2016 numerology forecasts

2017 or the beginning of a new cycle

Here we go again for a new cycle! 2017 is a year 1, a sign of renewal and restart. The cycle, which began in 2008, came to an end in 2016. 2017 will mark the end of the old problems, their sudden disappearance or their mutation under a new aspect. The course of this year will partly determine the cycle which extends until 2025. The original, the original, the ambitious and the risk are more likely to succeed this year. Boldness will be your best ally. Free from your fears and inhibitions, you can achieve beautiful things professionally. This year 1 will value personal initiatives and offer the most receptive interesting opportunities. An investment project? It’s now! What will the next 12 months hold for you based on your personal year? Discover the numerology forecasts for 2017!

2018: an ambivalent year with double unity

The world year 2018 gives us the 11th: a figure of ambivalence and duality. Attention: powerful opposing currents are in action. Those who have spent the first few years of their cycle working on their resilience and mental balance will thrive. For those in personal year 1, 2018 will be hectic at best! With its doubled unit, the 11 is a master number in numerology. Its vibrations, powerful and insistent, are ambivalent. And the redundancy of the two figures that make up year 11 illustrates this perfectly. An uncomfortable duality, which will sometimes take the form of a dilemma, will punctuate our daily lives, all the more so if we are in the first third of the 9-year cycle (i.e. the people who live personal years 1, 2 and 3). Curious to know more? Find out what the 2018 numerology plans according to your personal year!