Numerology 2014: My Forecast

Numerology 2014

What do you reserve the vibrations of the 7, numerological total of the year 2014? What facets of your life will be highlighted? Will you land the job of your dreams? Will you meet the soul mate? The long-awaited move will it take place? 2014 will be the year of inner richness and deepening of all the mental and spiritual manifestations that have appeared in previous years. The most ambitious will embark on the exciting adventure but fraught with pitfalls of personal development. 2014 is the bridge that will allow you (finally) to go from one bank to the other. 7 is also the number of the sacrifice that is agreed upon to modify the pre-established order. In 2014, those who suffer from discomfort on a daily basis will become free electrons who will isolate themselves from the group to better shine. See the change this year brings as an opportunity for liberation, not enslavement. The numerological forecasts for the 9 personal years (AP) meet on the decisive dimension of 2014 for the following events.

2014 Forecast for PY 1

If you are in personal year 1 in 2014, you will be a real cat. On the one hand, you are capable of spectacular and unexpected actions. On the other hand, you have little endurance and little willingness to act over time. Your challenge will be to control your impulsive side that often misleads you. Take the time to weigh the pros and cons before you start 100%, as you usually do. If you’re single, don’t expect anything serious. You will progress better in solo. If you are a couple, your very personal and introverted character will play tricks on you. Professionally, be careful not to rest on your laurels. You should also avoid becoming associated. The “1” favours personal initiative.

Numberology 2014 for PY 2

For you, 2014 is the year of gentleness, compromise and conciliation. You are now serene and enjoy the company of calm and cultured people. The cosy and relaxed atmosphere is perfect for you. For you, there is no question of embarking on any more ambitious and tiring challenges. You want to take a break, and you deserve it. Your couple will reach maturity, especially if your partner is in personal year 2, 5, 6 or 9. If you’re single, loneliness will weigh on you and push you out of your comfort zone to find love. Follow your instincts, the end of the year could well lead to a beautiful meeting. On the job side, it will be a question of maintaining one’s positions and carrying out one’s missions successfully, without more.

2014 Forecast for PY 3

Smart, agile, resourceful and dynamic. These are your qualities in 2014. You will finally be able to give your creative and imaginative potential the opportunity to express itself. Personal Year 3 will invite your couple to be more complicit. If you’re single, the situation won’t weigh more on you than that. You will live some love and you will surprise yourself to appreciate this intoxicating freedom. In the office, some people will try to get in your way, especially in the last quarter of the year. You will be able to manoeuvre with a remarkable sense of communication and diplomacy. The chance will smile on you in February, don’t hesitate to dare.

2014 Forecast for PY 4

In numerology, the combination of year 7 and personal year 4 is well known: it is that of the ant! Just like this brave little insect, you will work hard without complaining, you will save money and you will show tenacity and courage. In love, you will not be especially expressive or demonstrative. Sentimental life has taken second place: it is your professional life that takes all your attention. Besides, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves to face the mountain of work that awaits you! Year 4 in 2014 will be challenging but will reward you.

Numberology 2014 for PY 5

This will certainly be the year of change. Everything will depend on your decisions. In love, you’ll be pretty independent. You won’t be the fusion type. If your partner is in personal year 1, 3, 5 or 9, he will not blame you. Your union will even experience a beautiful revival of passion. If you’re single, expect a nice meeting in September. After an exhausting year 4, this time you’ll just manage your accomplishments and profit from them. It’s not bad, you will prepare the next deadlines with more serenity.

2014 forecast for PY 6

You are living your personal year 6 in 2014? You will be a homebody, rarely leaving your reassuring little niche that you will have enjoyed decorating. Your couple will become stronger, with formalization or birth. If you’re single, expect a turning point in April. The vibration of the 6 is professionally low. Stability and tranquility will give rhythm to your daily life in the office. It won’t be a bright year for your finances. You will have to be careful to maintain your “self-sufficiency”.

2014 forecast for PY 7

Discreet, solitary but always ready to act, you will be able to reach your objectives in 2014. You will manage to make yourself forget to better seize the opportunities that will present themselves to you. Your relationship will suffer somewhat from your lonely tendencies. Your partner will be understanding if he lives a personal year 1, 7 or 9. If you’re single, don’t try to settle down. In any case, loneliness won’t bother you too much. The vibration 7 will push you to deepen your knowledge to aspire to a professional evolution, even to a reconversion.

2014 Forecast for PY 8

You won’t be in Olympic shape. Your body will be weakened by the vibration of the 8. You’ll feel great, but the viruses at thewill tend to like your company, especially during seasonal changes. Be careful not to give in to the temptation of authoritarianism in your couple. If you are single, the first part of the year will be quiet on the side of sentimental life. Expect a meeting at the end of the summer.

2014 forecast for PY 9

2014 will be perilous for fragile unions that are floundering, especially if your partner is in year 2, 4 or 9. February and September will materialise these difficulties well. Hang on… unless you think the breakup is good for you. If you are single, a decisive meeting should take place in mid-September. The 9th invites to travel. A transfer or an increase in your professional mobility is possible. There will be many financial flows: you will earn money, but you will also spend a lot.