Numerology 2015: My Forecast

Numerology 2015

From a numerological point of view, 2015 will be a year of balance and measurement. And the number 8 will be in the honor, symbol of the material, the money but also the power. There are some great successes in store, but we must also expect some setbacks if the imbalances are not controlled. It is the year in which it will be necessary to give oneself the means to reach one’s objectives and to concretize one’s own desires, at the risk of abandoning them definitively. Feelings will therefore be relegated to the background. Assert yourself while making compromises… it will be your mission this year! Numerology forecasts in 2015 are not tender with everyone.

2015 forecast for PA 1

2015 could be a year of challenges for you. You will be active at many levels of your life, you will have to take initiatives, implement your projects and maximize their chances of success. You will have energy to spare that will push you to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Keep the dynamism that characterizes you while promoting your skills and expressing your ideas. The new “you” and the success of your new projects will no doubt go through this process! There will be some friction in human relations, but without major consequences. On the sentimental level, freedom and renewal will be the watchwords.

Numberology 2015 for AP 2

In 2015, you will have to hang on and be very patient, because there will be an air of cyclothymia that will blow on your life. You will surf on irregular waves, but what will count most in your life is the relational. You will pay a lot of attention to human relationships, both sentimental and professional. Your determination to see your ideas through will be stronger than the obstacles that will stand in your way, and they are many. Your best weapons? A keen sense of diplomacy, discretion, availability and a sense of listening.

2015 forecast for PA 3

If you have a rather difficult start to 2015, things could improve around July. So anything is possible. The second half of the year will be pleasant, and you will have to be there to enjoy it. Anyway, this year foresees a rather upward evolution, the next days announce new meetings, new horizons or simply a new departure… Be careful all the same with your finances and your sudden appetite for outings! And the more sensitive you are to others, the more you will foster your own development. The year 2015 is especially the year of artists and creators. So let your creative spirit run free and develop your abilities on the fringes of your work.

2015 forecast for PA 4

In 2015, you will need a lot of effort, rigour, but also a good dose of organization and wisdom. This year, you will have opportunities to consolidate your achievements, but also to maintain the fragile balance of your couple. Don’t miss them! The vibrations will be somewhat complicated, but you will come out a winner by putting all your seriousness and generosity into the effort. In 2015, you will be given all the means to achieve your various goals and develop, but be careful not to compromise everything with aggressiveness and arrogance that are never far away.

Numberology 2015 for AP 5

Expect change and a lot of movement in 2015. It is in your best interest to let yourself be carried away by events, without falling into haste. You will be called upon as the party gets underway in your life, but don’t forget to manage your personal freedom, improve your ability to adapt and let your natural curiosity express itself. On the sentimental level, you will be asked to adopt new habits to reinvent your life together. If you should have everything within reach, however, beware of excesses and abuses of any kind that could have unfortunate consequences at home. Keep an eye on addictions (such as alcohol and gambling).

2015 forecast for PA 6

This year, the stars seem well aligned, there will be many events in your life, but the ball is really in your court and it will be up to you. Voluntarism has beenwill apply. 2015 gives you the diplomacy and power to make your dreams come true. This year will be a year of responsibility and obligation at all levels, but also of harmony and professional success. Priority will however be given to love and family life. Marriage or divorce at the appointment, depending on the situation experienced in previous years. If you are currently leading a single life, a happy surprise awaits you at the end of summer!

2015 forecast for PA 7

This year, anticipation and commitment will play their part. It is recommended that you make a clean slate of the past, now is the time for reflection, patience and questioning to open a new chapter in your life and boost your chances of success! Don’t be afraid of the unexpected, it will be less likely to surprise you anyway since you will have taken a long lead over the present and anticipated the future. You will work tirelessly to get out of the material discomfort.

Numberology 2015 for AP 8

The figure for 2015 is 8. An eternal restart! One cycle that ends and another that begins. You’ll have energy to spare, but you’ll harvest the fruit if you only use it wisely. Regularity in effort… this will be your main challenge this year. Watch out for the return of the boomerang: 2015 will be double-edged, it is capable of offering you the best as well as the worst. But it all depends on how you manage your past and present.

2015 forecast for PA 9

We are at the end of the present cycle. It’s time to take stock and make the transition! It will therefore be necessary to clean up and question your life at all levels to start afresh. The counters are reset. Success and realization of old projects in sight for some, major changes, sometimes painful but indispensable, will intervene in the lives of others. Sentimental life will not be a long quiet river, but you will gain more by controlling your agitation and your anxieties.