Numerology for the year 2013

Numerology Of The Year 2013

“Fate dictates that we always take good resolutions too late.” This maxim of Oscar Wilde, the famous Irish writer who is no longer presented, will be even truer at the end of 2013 for those who have not taken the time to put their private lives in order. To avoid this eventuality and end this year with the sweet feeling of accomplished duty, quickly discover your numerological resolutions according to your personal year. The numerology forecasts for 2013, a year 6, suggest a strong assumption of responsibility and many new commitments. This context, which requires firmness and strength of character, will provoke different reactions depending on each person’s experience. This year is not conducive to improvisation, prudence is indeed the order of the day. Let’s see the 2013 forecast for each person year (AP) !

2013 forecast for PA 1

April and August will be the most significant months for those living the first personal year of their cycle in 2013. You will be a real ball of energy, which can confuse those around you who are not also in a dynamic year. Employees who wish to give a boost to their career should consider resuming apprenticeship through a continuing education programme. Finally the opportunities to make money will be there, but your impulsive side will play tricks on you. Be careful.

2013 forecast for PA 2

After two rather routine months, March will start on a high note with a sentimental or family event. Young couples should begin to succumb to the temptation to formalize the relationship in August. Professionally, you can’t expect a very active year. You should rather multiply associations, collaborations, partnerships. 2013 won’t tire you out professionally. Take the opportunity to play sports.

2013 forecast for PA 3

The month of February will put you in orbit with the signing of an important contract, a decisive meeting or a great cash flow. Another turning point on the professional front should take place in July, with good results. In 2013, your family life will be relatively lagging behind, let alone with the hectic pace of your work. Natives in families will be extremely complicit with their children. Expect some past friendships to return in 2013. They could even lead to opportunities for professional collaboration.

2013 forecast for PA 4

Professional life will start a quarter turn in January. Other significant events are expected to occur in September: separation, moving or obtaining a major loan. The single natives are unlikely to experience the romance they hope for in 2013. On the professional side, it’s time to take the initiative. Your efforts should begin to bear fruit this spring. The summer season should also bring good news to job seekers.

2013 forecast for PA 5

May and September will be the most decisive months in 2013 for those living their fifth personal year. Singles will multiply the games of seduction with some success. Those in couples will think more seriously about formalizing the relationship or a “baby” project. On the professional level, certain opportunities will present themselves to you, notably on the entrepreneurial level. Weigh the pros and cons. If starting your own business is an attractive idea on paper, it carries risks that it would be a shame to underestimate. Get support and do not rush decisions that run over the long term.

2013 forecast for PA 6

In 2013, look forward to milestone events in April and December. The first on the emotional level, the second to put an end to certain professional blockages. The ambitious ones will not really be fulfilled in 2013. In numerology, 6 is rather the number of calm and continuity. Those looking for work should consider partnering with a relative. Financially, don’t expect large cash inflows. You won’t be in a particularly spending mood anyway. In short, personal year 6 in 2013 will be without much relief.

2013 forecast for PA 7

Watch for the arrival of the pfor a while. It will send you positive signs for future events about your career. Personal Year 7 is primarily a year of reflection and study, not of hyper-action. If you’re not fulfilled in your current job, now might be a good time to consider a (slight) career transition. Your body will be somewhat tested and vitality will not really be there. Dental problems may also occur. Be receptive to the signals sent by your body and lean more seriously on your health capital. Zen music, massages, light therapy and aromatherapy can help you in this sense.

2013 forecast for PA 8

The key to new opportunities in most facets of your life will come to light during February. The great successes, the fruit of hard work, will come to fruition in November. It is also during this month that the single natives will make a decisive meeting. Those who are looking for work should see their inactivity cease in January, with a much-anticipated stabilisation in employment also in November. Take the opportunity to clean up your finances, this is not the time for buyer fever.

2013 forecast for PA 9

January will largely determine the content of this year. It will be decisive on a professional or even emotional level. People whose personal year coincides with 2013 must seize the opportunities for change that present themselves. There is a good chance that the positive effects will be almost immediate, with October being the month of consecration. Take the time to appreciate your victories and assume past failures, you will approach your new cycle in the most beautiful way.