Numerology of First Name

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How the first name affects your life.

Numbers influence our personality, our behaviour and our relationships with others. Our name and all of our first names (even a nickname), as well as our date of birth, have a major impact on all aspects of our lives.

While learning numerology, learn at the same time to decode these vibrations and to determine the strengths and potentials linked to your first name.

Decoding the Active Number

Many calculations are possible to highlight all the facets of our character. From the letters of surnames and first names, only one of the two, initials, consonants or vowels, etc… Each Number has importance and allows to refine a numerological analysis in a precise and personalized way.

The Active Number is the sum reduced by all the letters of the usual first name or first name. It translates our faculty of expression in a rather personal, friendly or family context (i.e. among those who are close to us and identify us mainly by our first name). This number greatly influences our personality and outlines our identity.

Making the right choice for your baby

The choice of the child’s first name is of major importance. Beyond the desire to be part of the family line or to stand out by showing originality, this choice influences your baby’s personality and destiny. So why not determine his Active Number to discover your child’s character?

Thanks to the letter-number correspondence table, do the calculation yourself and then discover the 9 main Vibrations revealed by the Numbers :

1 – Independence, trust, decision, command.

2 – Softness, friendship, sensitivity, dependence.

3 – Optimism, sociability, communication, extroversion.

4 – Work, patience, organization, precision.

5 – Curiosity, change, travel, excitement.

6 – Love, fidelity, family, community.

7 – The spirit of analysis, reflection, determination, introversion.

8 – Ambition, power, materiality, money.

9 – Humanity, generosity, compassion, idealism.

Thanks to numerology, your first name, a mirror of your personality, no longer holds any secrets for you!