Life Path in Numerology

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The Life Path In Numerology

In numerology, the life path refers to a fundamental and immutable, fixed and definitive datum. The numerological calculation of the life path is carried out by the “reduced” total of the date of birth (day, month, year), between 1 and 9, outside the so-called “master” numbers that are the 11, 22 and 33. For numerologists, the way of life is our path of destiny. It identifies the potentialities and opportunities of the life of its holder.

Life Path 1

Risk taking, sense of responsibility and existential need to rise. It is the portrait of those who pursue the life path number one For them, any obstacle is by definition passable. Number 1 is individualized by action and mobilizes his determination to achieve his life goal. Abandonment and renunciation are not part of his modus operandi, but his excess energy can play tricks on him when he is not sufficiently exploited. Frustrated, he is the ideal prey for depression, black thoughts and mood disorders. The life path 1 implies difference and uniqueness: assumed, it leads to success. Not assumed, it generates disabling physical or psychological manifestations.

Life Path 2

The life path 2 is that of mediation, teamwork, compromise and consensus. The 2 is empathic and perceives the best in everyone. He is therefore an excellent friend and a sincere confidant. Although its destiny is generally a long quiet river, the 2 can accuse the setbacks of its hypersensitivity, its timidity or its reluctance to express its ideas in public. He will systematically avoid confrontation for fear of being hurt or upset, which pushes him to keep a low profile. This attitude can result in social discomfort which can very quickly become an obstacle to personal and professional development.

Life Path 3

The number 3 is probably the most common number in superstition, folklore and religion. The life path 3 is that of optimism, positive thinking and extroversion. For the third, everything will work out eventually, no matter what. His thirst for a change of scenery and his appetite for exotic trips take him away from his responsibilities, sometimes even from reality. For the 3rd, art is much more than a hobby, it is a life path. This life path is also one of challenges, but number 3 tends to avoid them even if it means not achieving its life objective. Loyal and helpful, the 3 is also eccentric and naive. He sincerely believes in the power of the universal conscience in achieving peace in the world. The 3rd will make an excellent volunteer.

Life Path 4

Solid as a rock, straight as an “i”, number 4 doesn’t like the unexpected. Planning is a sine qua non condition for happiness. He will spend part of his life drawing the contours of his comfort zone to never leave it again, at least voluntarily. Sometimes perceived as too serious, too boring and too sedentary, the one who pursues the life path 4 is not the type to brag when he meets success.

Life Path 5

The number 5 is marked by a strong symbolism in Islam, Buddhism and ancient Greek writings. It is the life path of action and adventure. Number 5 is a real dynamo that doesn’t stop. He goes forward and makes his life move away from routine, even if it means provoking change for no reason. This is its main weakness: it does not admit any borders and sees the judgment as an unacceptable failure. Exploration and the thirst for learning are the only constants in its successive “transformations”. By nature insatiable, those who pursue the life path 5 become exasperated and frustrated when they fail to satisfy their passion for adventure.

Life Path 6

Gaia, the mother goddess and ultimate nurse, represents all the splendour of the life path 6 The latter symbolizes home, home, community and compassion for the human. The 6 shines with a rare chivalrous spirit and an unfailing benevolence that he mobilizes to bring help to those who need it. Focused on sharing, he aims by this sincere step to rise spiritually. Although his efforts are widely praised by his entourage, they are sometimes perceived as a sadistic impulse that feeds on the misfortune of others. His challenge will be not to forget himself in others.

Life Path 7

The life path 7 is that of a solitary perfectionist who becomes aware of his full potential after an intense emotional shock. Casanier and emotionally passive, he assumes his loneliness and cares little about socializing. He does not multiply the meetings and does not need a consequent social circle. Philosopher, mystic, little talkative, the 7 has an appetite for metaphysics and existential questions that fascinate him. Numerology assigns life path number 7 a favourable destiny and an above-average chance because of the 7’s ability to make rational choices supported by objective data.

Life Path 8

It’s the life path for workaholics. To achieve the professional legitimacy that will catalyse his career, the 8 will have to take his evil in patience for more than 10 years. He collectsHe would win trophies and earn the respect of his peers, sometimes at the expense of a complicated social life. The victorious vibrations of the 8 are not especially linked to money, but rather to power. The life path 8 cannot be accomplished without a caring and understanding partner. The 8 does not accept the reproaches that are made to him about his professional commitment.

Life Path 9

The life path 9 is that of inner travel, artistic sensitivity and creativity. The 9 nourishes a passion without limit for all that is not familiar to him. If he can find the means, he will travel the world for leisure, to do business, for a humanitarian cause, etc. The 9 are very good advice because of the experience in life and the miles they travel, both geographically and spiritually.

Life Path 11

It is often said that the life path 11 is that of the human seismograph. The 11 is guided by an almost mystical inner path that allows it to pick up small vibrations and then interpret them. The walls don’t talk, but the 11th hears them! Idealist but pragmatic, ambitious but realistic, the 11 is endowed with an enormous personal potential because of its master number. His ambitions are high, which makes him particularly exposed to disappointments and existential crises. Life path number 11 is significantly more complicated for those whose 1 and 2 are missing numbers.

Life Path 22

The master number 22 is fed by the creative appetite. He is attracted by everything that starts with a blank sheet of paper to fill in. He gives life to what was nothing. The life path 22 takes place mainly at work. Practical intelligence and a sense of observation are the 22’s best allies. He analyses situations and perceives elements of response before others, which gives him a good head start. The 22nd is an inveterate worker who demands responsibility. Its results, accumulated over several years of relentless efforts, plead for its reputation.

Life Path 33

Like the 11 and 22, the 33 is a master number that brings its holder luck and success. The 33 is torn and put under pressure by two great forces that he considers contradictory: his high ambitions and his empathy for the unfortunate. Its high potential can be offset by its sensitivity to the evils and injustices of this world. The life path 33 is favorable to wisdom and maturity. The 33 will be challenged throughout his life and will begin to succeed as soon as he becomes attentive and receptive to life’s lessons. The 33 would benefit from more meditation and relaxation exercises to succeed.

Life Path Calculation

The way of calculating the life path depends on the numerology system considered, the most used being the Pythagorean. The calculation of the life path, according to this system, is based solely on the person’s date of birth. All you have to do is add up the day, month and year, taking care, however, to respect certain basic rules:

  • Each element of the date of birth should be calculated separately before being added to the others;
  • If one of the three sums results in a master number (11, 22 or 33), it must remain intact: 11 does not become 2, 22 does not become 4 and 33 does not become 6;
  • It is enough at the end to sum the three results to find the life path.
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