Personal Year in Numerology

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Personal years in Numerology

Personal Year 1

It is the year of audacity and risk-taking par excellence. It is time to launch the projects that have remained in the boxes more than reason. Determination and confidence will be your best assets in this year of risk taking. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone: vibrations work in your favour and your colleagues will be receptive to your contributions to the office. The personal year 1 is the one that conditions the 8 others that follow it it is now or never !

Personal Year 2

A logical extension of the first, the personal year 2 will bring your projects to a successful conclusion. You will gain in maturity and wisdom and your euphoria will be drastically tempered. Now you need to be measured both personally and professionally. 2 is also the year of confrontations: adopt a consensual attitude and compromise instead. Your objective is to ensure the continuity of your projects and to aim for slow but steady growth. See in the 2 the year of the consolidation of knowledge. Limit risk-taking and be patient.

Personal Year 3

This is the year that closes the first third of your 9-year cycle. Personal year 3 is one of creativity and a touch of madness. It’s time for you to explore your environment to try new things and think outside the box. After a rather flat second year, you are now led to satisfy your desire for emancipation by putting your desires in the foreground. Personal year 3 is also one of a slight questioning, without any dramatization. You’ll have at least one opportunity to feel happy and fulfilled like you’ve never been before.

Personal Year 4

Now move on to the second third of your 9-year cycle. Pay attention from the start. They say the devil is in the details. Sharpen your Cartesian mind and your sense of pragmatism. Personal year 4 is considered laborious, slow and dusty. Those who see the glass half full will see an opportunity to rest. Take this opportunity to clear up the frustrations that have accumulated over the past three years and sort through your occupations. Avoid going too far, too fast. The context and the economic situation do not lend themselves to this. To use the terms of the business world, we will say that personal year 4 is one of strategic reflection, not one of operational action.

Personal Year 5

Look back to move forward. It is the motto of the one who starts the personal year 5 You are now halfway through your 9-year cycle: you have gone through the first 4 years, you will remain so at the end of this year. The 5 symbolizes diversity, discovery and change of scenery. Dare to be exotic without losing sight of reality. Prepare yourself for an important change in your life: it will happen head-on for some, in small progressive touches for others. Each month of the 5th personal year will give you the opportunity to identify an error, an aimless time-consuming task, a waste of time. For numerologists, personal year 5 lends itself to design projects: an idea, a project or a child.

Personal Year 6

You are at a crossroads in this year that closes the second third of your 9-year cycle. You have the choice between the two paths of the extreme and that of the center and balance. It is the latter that must be taken. In concrete terms, you do not give up your ambitions but you become aware of your responsibilities and duties. At this stage, you need emotional stability. Perhaps it’s time to consider crowning a lasting relationship with a marriage, a successful marriage with a child, etc. After you’ve managed to get through the first 5 years, you’re going to make people covet you: learn to say “No” and avoid taking on other people’s work and mistakes. Personal year 6 is also the year of positive thinking.

Personal Year 7

You will experience a small decrease in diet with a slowing of your body. The routine will follow its course with however some episodes of temporary tiredness and a feeling of weariness. Accept this little misfortune and use it to find peace. This new deal makes you vulnerable to depression: so watch for any loss of pleasure or desire not to sink. The personal year 7 does not reserve you dazzling evolutions. This is not a time for spending sprees, but rather for financial rationalization. On a sentimental level, your interpersonal relationships will remain stable and calmed.

Personal Year 8

It’s harvest time, concrete results. L’ personal year 8 is the year of achievement. Your efforts are finally recognized by your peers, but also by your entourage. You’ll be full of energy. The challenge will be to channel your efforts not to scatter. On a professional level, you shine brightly, arousing admiration but also jealousy. Look out for your micro-environment: it will open gaps for you. Don’t give up the hard-won maturity of recent years. Although it is hard-won, your success remains fragile. Remain humble and don’t lose touch with reality.

Personal Year 9

This is the year that completes the 9-year cycle. It is therefore time to take stock and question the situation. Depending on the course of the present cycle, you will be more or less tested, both emotionally and physically. It is now time to settle the business that is dragging on in preparation for the new cycle. Personal year 9 will result in some misfortune with some mood and sleep disorders. Don’t force yourself: you are not in the best mood to embark on the adventure. Those who have “passed” their cycle will appreciate the sense of work well done.

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