Personal Year 2 in Numerology

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Personal Year 2 In Numerology

Personal Year 2: Consolidating the gains of the first personal year

Personal year number 2 will be marked by cooperation, partnership, creativity, peace, harmony and peaceful coexistence. It will require more stability and balance from you, both in your professional and private life. You will relearn to weigh the pros and cons to assess the opportunities of each situation. During this year, you are likely to find yourself in configurations contrary to those you expected. Yet it is necessary to experience it in order to aspire to balance. How during the first personal year, this time is conducive to making important decisions. Do not hesitate to consult your partner or your best friend in a logic of cooperation and coordination. Don’t completely abandon your intuition, it will be of some use to you.

If you have changed jobs, moved or made major new commitments during the first personal year of the cycle, you are now in the stabilization and continuity stage. You must begin to feel comfortable with these changes and integrate into your new environment, if necessary. You may feel some remorse that may lead you to reconsider some of the decisions made early in the cycle, but more often your fears will be based on emotional weaknesses that need to be controlled to continue to progress. All the emotional, physical and financial fluctuations you will experience will be an additional motivation to aspire to a more balanced and less risk-prone life this year.

Year 2: Compromise and Mediation

Personal year 2 also calls for fusion, both in love and in professional life. Maybe it’s time to boost your receptivity to eternal romance, trust your best friend a little more or welcome a new business partner into your business. You must learn to give to others: it is a wonderful catalyst for well-being, especially in a personal year that calls for collaboration and cooperation. In the same logic, this personal year could give rise to negotiations of all kinds. You will be called upon to compromise rather than to farm. You yourself may be wearing the mediator’s costume. Calm and diplomatic, you will show a better self-control. The emotions that usually overwhelm you in such circumstances will no longer handicap you. You will also learn to defuse the most uncomfortable situations with tact and kindness.

Patience and tolerance for a year of stability

As you will have understood, patience will play a decisive role in this phase. If you don’t temper your appetite for success, you’ll miss out on the most important signals of this year’s cool, calm and demanding season. Slowing down is not failing. You can step back to jump better. Remember that certain pathologies may appear if you refuse to take the time to let your body regenerate and readjust.

Become aware of your life goals during this confirmation year. Work on your self-control and try to work as a team. If you are used to riding solo, going to others will require a little more effort. Yet it is a necessary “evil” to approach the rest of the cycle of personal years in the best dispositions. Expanding your social circle will be of great help during periods of doubt and questioning that will tend to multiply during the second personal year. You are likely to be asked to play a leading role in a group or partnership. You will learn from others, others will learn from you.

In short, the purpose of this second personal year is clear: to master communication and exchanges with others whatever the perspectives and in all circumstances. Find the right balance between good aggression and passivity.

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