Personal Year 7 in Numerology

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Personal Year 7 In Numerology

The 7 pushes us to slow down, to reflect and to ask ourselves essential questions about our existence. If you are overwhelmed by events (and you can afford it), this is the ideal time to dare a sabbatical year that will do you a lot of good. During the personal year 7, one withdraws into oneself the time to see more clearly, to take stock, to take some distance to restart better thereafter.

Year 7 evokes a pause associated with a feeling of loneliness, even frustration. This is not necessarily negative: this year brings fewer obligations than the previous year. All we have to do is let fate take its course and adapt to the unexpected that it brings us, without trying to control things or change them. Small gifts from heaven will intervene parsimoniously, know how to appreciate them at their true value. For numerologists, year 7 is the year of “happy” problems: the loss of a job that you unconsciously curse, the removal of someone close to you who was causing you harm, the loss of a loved one who was taking up too much of your attention, etc. If your personal year calculation resulted in the 7th, read the following…

Personal Year 7 and the Organization’s Slowdown

You are now in the last third of the 9-year cycle. It is the moment of awareness, of spiritual evolution. On the earthly and real plane, routine follows its course, even if tranquillity is only apparent. Expect episodes of fatigue, fatigue and sleep disturbances that reflect your uncertainties. Your recovery time will increase significantly, as if to mark your appeasement. Personal year 7 will be more mental than physical. You will see a slight slowdown in your body. Attention: this context is favourable to the emergence of a small depression. Stay tuned to your senses and track down any signs of loss of desire or interest in those things that fascinated you until a few months ago.

Year 7: Professional and financial calm

If you are offered a position during this year, consider all options before accepting. For the numerologists, personal year 7 does not bring dazzling evolutions or spectacular progressions. At most, small rewards will brighten up a rather gloomy daily life. It is also the year that will deliver you from a heavy dossier, from an intense period of hard work or from a problematic colleague. Take advantage of this year to retouch elements of everyday life, to optimize your way of working or to transmit your knowledge through writing or courses. From a financial point of view, it will not be time for the big entries, on the contrary. Secure your back and streamline your spending. You may get lucky, but without drastically changing your situation. Beware of the madness of the purchases which can tempt you during this year which will probably not satisfy your desires.

Personal Year 7 and the Simple Things of Life

In sentimental terms, a little break may be in order. You will probably feel the desire to take a little distance without questioning your couple or your entourage. Your interpersonal relationships are stable and soothing. Give time to your social and friendly life, it will play a decisive role in the near future. Personal year 7 will impose on you an awareness in the hegemony of the individual. It is a parenthesis of spiritual growth that suspends material objectives. You will develop a sudden interest in the simple things of life. By taking the time to anchor the roots of your inner life through mediation and relaxation, you will gradually develop your intuition without realizing it. This ability will then become an invaluable asset for your success in the near future.

Patience: a watchword with a lot of meaning

Don’t worry about things you can’t control. Accept a share of chance around you and welcome the unexpected with wisdom. You will discover the good side of solitude: only it will allow you to listen to your inner guide. Your thoughts will become the cement of your existence. Dark ideas must be chased away with vigour. Otherwise, you’ll blame the first difficulty. During personal year number 7, you are there wherewhere you need to be. If you have let negative thinking and bad waves take control, it is now too late to get rid of them. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and don’t force things. Instead, take the time to value all that you have accomplished so far. Your keyword this year is PATIENCE.

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