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Numerology: Your Free Theme

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How to realize your topic of Numerology?

Numerology is spreading faster and faster and more widely. It rightly responds to this need that we all have to know ourselves better, to know in which directions it is better to orient ourselves. In a word, to know a little better who we are and how to situate ourselves more justly in our environment, in our lives and those of others.

The simplicity of the data needed by Numerology, date of birth, name and first names, makes this science particularly practical and precise, while giving us an often surprising approach to the functioning of the human person.

Numerology uses the psychological symbolism of numbers. Man has, in general, little access to the “hidden face of himself” and it is this that the numbers are suitable for you to discover.


Numerology is a thousand-year-old science based on three essential elements

(last name, first name and date of birth)

personality, your abilities and skills, and your intimate sensitivity.

The complete numerological theme that I propose to you

accurate analyzes that enlighten you on all aspects of your life:

 Your personality

– The Number of Expression

– Spiritual Elan

– The Intimate Self

– The Number of Heredity

– The Key Number

 Your potentials

– The day of birth

– The number of letters of civil status

– The Number of Inclusion

– Relational Numerology

– The number of eccentricity

 Your lifestyle

– Angular stone

– Erotic Behavior

– The Active Number

– Spiritual Initiation